101 Ways To Lose Weight & NEVER Find It Again
The latest book from leading weight loss coach and nutritionist, Scott Baptie!
If you’re fed up with dieting, detoxing, punishing fitness regimes, ‘clean eating’ and deprivation, then this is the book for you. 

Your days of kale smoothies and chia seeds are over. You’ll never need to take another ‘fat burner’ again, you won’t have to re-mortgage the house to buy the latest detox kit, nor will you have to force yourself to eat nothing but chicken, broccoli and brown rice 6 times a day because that’s what the magazine said…

101 Ways to Lose Weight and Never Find It Again is for everyone who is sick of restricting, dieting, detoxing and confusing weight loss advice. 

The book contains clear, enjoyable and easy-to-follow habits that will help you to get leaner, fitter, stronger and happier without the hunger and heartache.

"Scott has written a fantastic book that is packed with myth-busting, helpful nutrition and fitness tips that just make sense. If you’re struggling to lose weight, stop looking for a quick-fix and just read this book instead!"
Eve Muirhead
GB Olympic Medallist
"If you’re sick of trying and failing to lose weight, read this book now! It’s a game-changer."
Todd Durkin
Owner, Fitness Quest 10
Under Armour Performance Training Team

“101 Ways to Lose Weight is based on solid science but is presented in a fun, light-hearted way that everyone can understand. The integrated diet, fitness and motivational advice will appeal to readers who’ve lost faith in fad diets”.
Dr Carrie Ruxton
TV Nutritionist & Health Writer
"There are some real gems in this book; a focus on what is realistic and practical."  
Prof. Andy Lane
Professor of Sport Psychology
"This is unbelievably good! It really is the only weight loss book you need to have all the essentials covered. I recommend this book wholeheartedly and am buying one for my mom." 
Georgie Fear
Dietitian & Author
"Scott knows his stuff, his tips are smart and practical and whilst each one stands alone together they build into an effective approach to improving fitness and weight loss."
Ian Marber
Award Winning Health Journalist 
"Filled with actionable ideas and useful advice. Scott Baptie has translated the latest science into a practical plan for losing weight" 
James Clear
Habits Expert & Author
Scott Baptie is a nutritionist and weight loss coach who helps busy people to lose weight by sharing simple, easy-to follow and enjoyable nutrition and fitness advice.

His mantra is to help people make the smallest changes to their lifestyle that will produce the greatest result without the need for punishing fitness regimes, diets, detoxes or disgusting kale and chia seed smoothies.

He has an MSc in Applied Sports Nutrition, has contributed to a wide range of publications including Men’s Health, Metro, Healthy Magazine and Men’s Fitness. He has also appeared on the cover of later one two occasions as a fitness model. Scott also hosts one of the top-rated fitness shows on iTunes: The Food For Fitness Podcast.

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